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The Good Liar (2019)

Quality: Year: Duration: 109 MinView: 97 views
86 votes, average 6.8 out of 10

Consummate con man, Roy Courtnay has set his sights on his latest mark—the recently widowed millionaire, Betty McLeish. From their very first meeting, Roy begins plying Betty with his tried and true manipulations. Betty, who seems quite taken with him, is soon going along for the ride. But this time, what should have been a simple swindle escalates into a cat-and-mouse game with the ultimate stakes—revealing more insidious deceptions that will take them both through a minefield of danger, intrigue and betrayal.

Tagline:Read between the lies.
Budget:$ 10.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 26.191.958,00

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